Book Endorsements

Brian Shepherd has provided a serious yet very readable book of Earth’s age, carefully showing how to calculate (and how to not calculate) that timeframe. Because popular voices and crowd noises forcefully promote tales of evolutionary origins, humanistic “old earth” assumptions are soundly critiqued, with explanatory proofs of Earth’s relatively young age (i.e., thousands of years old, not billions), to remove excuses for accommodating evolutionary timescales. This book of Scripture, logic, and relevant scientific evidences will clarify the thinking of serious Christians, worldly Christians, and even non-Christians, if they have “eyes [willing] to see” the truth about just how old Earth really is. The Appendix alone, on the authenticity and preservation of our Bible’s text, is worth the price of the book!

James J.S. Johnson, J.D., M.B.Th., Th.D., C.I.H.E.

Chief Academic Officer & Assoc. Professor of Apol.

Institute for Creation Research, Dallas, Texas

Most individuals have no idea that the age of the earth can be calculated by the evidence revealed in proper Bibles, that have been translated from texts preserved by the mighty hand of God. Furthermore, they don’t know that many Bible manuscripts have been altered by humanists, resulting in corrupted texts. This book, Proving the Age of the Earth, by Brian Shepherd, will help numerous misled people to make a paradigm shift in their understanding of these issues. Every proponent of evolution and every secular institution should acquire a copy and read it carefully. Also, every pastor, teacher, missionary, and lay person should have it available for those questioning Truth. This is the best book we have published in a while.

H. D. Williams, M.D., Ph.D.

President, The Old Paths Publications

Cleveland, Georgia

Reading Brian Shepherd’s Proving the Age of the Earth brings a clear understanding of the subject that is much needed today. Brian’s passionate devotion to the King James Bible, combined with his scholarship and thorough documentation, has produced a book that is readable, true to Scripture and theologically sound.

D.L. Cooper, D.Min.

Pastor, Bible Baptist Church

Marietta, Georgia

It is a brave man, these days, who dares to challenge the evolutionary view of the age of the earth. But Brian Shepherd, a graduate of ICR’s School of Biblical Apologetics (SoBA) and the author of this present book, not only challenges that view, but does it with a competence and ability that is rarely met with. In fourteen chapters, he takes the reader through a wide sweep of all the evidences that cry out that our earth is nothing like as old as it is pretended to be by evolutionists, and he does it very well. Proving the Age of the Earth should be required reading for any and all who would investigate this fascinating subject.

Bill Cooper Ph.D. Th.D.

Vice President, Creation Science Movement

Portsmouth, England

I am glad to have read this much-needed book by Brian Shepherd on the age of the earth. He has based his conclusions on two important and accurate sources: (1) properly interpreted chronology and truths from the King James Bible which is based on the preserved Traditional Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Words that underlie it, and (2) properly interpreted facts from the physical world.

Pastor D. A. Waite, Th.D., Ph.D.

President, Dean Burgon Society

Pastor, Bible for Today Baptist Church

Collingswood, NJ

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